About Us

We Believe The World Needs More Non-Obvious Thinking.

Learn more about how we help organizations and leaders to think different …

The Non-Obvious Company is a team of original strategists, innovative researchers, influential storytellers, unbiased data analysts, and digital disruptors dedicated to sharing new thinking and extraordinary advice with the world’s smartest global brands.

After spending decades working at some of the biggest firms and agencies in the world, we realized that the traditional model of how advice is bought and sold is broken. Hourly rates, partners with sales quotas and rigid processes are just symptoms of the bigger problem. Consultants use outdated techniques to deliver bland insights slowly.  Our aspiration is different. We don’t employ armies of “junior strategists.” We don’t use cute infographics to describe what we do. We deliver smart thinking quickly, and we always focus on results.  We are The Non-Obvious Company.


3 Ways Our Network Of Experts Can Help You …

Workshops & Training

Are you preparing your team for success? We have worked with dozens of the world’s largest brands to lead and facilitate workshops or offsites on everything from digital disruption to storytelling to mindful management.

Concierge Advice + Coaching

Our signature offering removes everything you hate about working with consultants (like junior staff, bloated hourly rates and self serving advice). Instead, our clients get unlimited advice from our experts with a simple monthly retainer … a model inspired by the popularity of Concierge Medicine.

Non-Obvious Keynotes

Do you need an engaging speaker for your next event? Our founders have delivered actionable and inspirational keynotes on some of the largest stages in the world to audiences ranging from rooms filled with a handful of top executives to convention centers filled with over 10,000 people.