The Non-Obvious Book Series.

Seven years of groundbreaking trend research and predictions!

Just over seven years ago, the Non-Obvious Trend Report started as a series of predictions about the future of marketing and social media. Over the years, the focus shifted to include four more core categories, more intersections across industries. The fifth edition in 2015 hit the Wall Street Journal best seller list and in the past year, the online audience for the report passed 1 million readers. Today the report is one of the most popular annual reports on trend predictions and is updated with 15 new trends and launched every December.  See below to learn more about each of the previous annual editions of the report.

Non-Obvious: 2017 Edition


About This Edition:

In this all new update to the WSJ best seller published this year, you will learn about 15 new trends changing business in 2017, as well as an ALL NEW update on more than 75 previously predicted trends along with grades for each one.

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Non-Obvious: 2016 Edition


About This Edition:

In this update to the WSJ best seller published earlier this year, you will learn about 15 new trends changing business in 2016, as well as an exclusive update and look at all the trends from 2015. This edition also includes bonus content such as an Author Q&A and introduces new trends including Virtual Empathy, Strategic Downgrading and Earned Consumption.


Non-Obvious: 2015 Edition


About This Edition:

This was the 5th Annual Edition of my Non-Obvious Trend Report and the first year it was released as a full length book (in Hardcover) with an in depth look at how to curate trends that was only previously shared before with corporate clients. Popular trends in this edition included Unperfection, Selfie Confidence and Small Data. In May of 2015 the book hit the Wall Street Journal best seller list.


Non-Obvious: 2014 Edition


About This Edition:

This fourth edition of the Trend Report included trends describing the evolving media culture (Media Binging), the evolution of marketing toward content (Branded Utility), and the rise of sharing (Collaborative Economy). It was also the first time the trends were curated into the five broader categories of Culture & Consumer Behaviour, Marketing & Social Media, Media & Education, Technology & Design and Economics & Entrepreneurship.


Non-Obvious: 2013 Edition


About This Edition:

This 3rd edition was the first to be released as an ebook as well as a visual presentation and was the #1 Market Research book on Amazon for 12 straight weeks at launch. The topics featured in the report included the future of print publishing, the rise of women in business, authenticity in the banking sector, hyper-local commerce and the evolution of the travel industry.


Non-Obvious: 2012 Edition


About This Edition:

This second year of the Trend Report featured a broader look at business beyond marketing and brought together the worlds of corporate marketing, charitable causes, the marketing of death and more. This report was one of the first to explore the potential of big data to impact everything from optimizing supply chain logistics to measuring and quantifying every aspect of our lives. On the culture side, the report tackled the sensitive yet emerging field of the “digital afterlife” of loved ones who have passed on, as well as the rising sense of “social loneliness” that people felt.


Non-Obvious: 2011 Edition


About This Edition:

This groundbreaking first edition of the Trend Report went viral, was shared online over 100,000 times and introduced the trend of “Likeonomics” – which Rohit later developed into his second full length book. The report was one of the first to predict the rise in importance of content curation and also explored the rapid growth of real time customer service through social media. It also analyzed the increasing number of marketing campaigns featuring employees as heroes, as well as using “Brutal Transparency” to build trust.


About The Author: Rohit Bhargava

RohitHeadshot_Sc1_250x250Rohit Bhargava is a trend curator, author of five best selling books including the Wall Street Journal bestseller Non-Obvious and founder of the Influential Marketing Group. He advises global brands on communications strategy and storytelling. His thinking on trends has been downloaded more than half a million times online and featured in global media, including The Guardian, Fast Company, NPR and the New York Times. Rohit is a two time TEDx speaker and has been invited as a keynote speaker to events in 31 countries around the world. He is an Adjunct Professor of Marketing & Pitching at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. and a graduate of the Gouizueta Business School at Emory University.

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