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Our founder Rohit Bhargava specializes in combining humor with actionable advice and has hosted or keynoted more than 200 events in 32 countries. Unlike many full time speakers, his expertise comes from a 15 year consulting career advising over 100 brands. On stage he has interviewed pioneering celebrities, delivered two TEDx talks and frequently conducts private workshops for many of the world’s largest brands.

In addition to Rohit, we also have several other team members who are high calibre speakers, emcees and facilitators who may be able to assist with your next event if you need a different skill set or if Rohit may already be booked for the dates of your event. To learn more about our team or check availability, just contact us!

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TEDx - Reinventing Marketing

Rohit’s content and delivery had us hanging on his every word. He somehow feels the mood of the audience and tailors his message accordingly. This is not the first time we have used him, nor will it be the last.
Bob Houston- Richmond Events

Likeonomics - Why Big Ideas Don't Work

Non-Obvious - Why Most Trend Predictions Fail

The best general session I have ever attended. Enjoyed the specific examples he gave. Far too often speakers pontificate or entertain, which is fun at the time, but then you don’t really use it afterward. I feel like I’ll actually use the things I learned from this session.
Attendee Feedback- Association Conference

Likeonomics - Why People Don't Trust Business