What We Do

We deliver non-obvious workshops
to inspire new thinking.

Is your thinking “non-obvious” enough?

The Non-Obvious Company is a network of experts dedicated to a single purpose – helping brands and leaders to think differently. We do that through a variety of engagements and on the topic areas outlined on this page. Use this page to learn more about how we might be able to help you and your team build new skills, embrace the future and win by thinking bigger, smarter and faster than your competition.

  • Inspirational Keynote Presentations
  • Actionable Team Workshops
  • Cutting Edge Trend Research
  • Unbiased Consulting + Coaching

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Actionable Innovation + Trends

We deliver workshops and training pairing cutting edge trend research from our WSJ Best Seller Non-Obvious with interactive sessions to solve real problems and create opportunities.  |  LEARN MORE >

Trust Based Sales

We use research and practices from our best selling book Likeonomics to help sales and leadership teams sell more, retain top customers and build powerful relationships with customers and prospects.  |  LEARN MORE >

Leadership + Mindful Management

We share unbiased, expert, and trusted advice and coaching for the C-Suite and leadership training built on one of the fastest growing and powerful new trends in leadership – mindful management.  |  LEARN MORE >

Business Strategy & Planning

We build upon decades of experience creating workshops and offsites that become inflection points for driving visionary strategy, creating new ways of working and starting real shifts in workplace culture.  |  LEARN MORE >

Brand Storytelling & Marketing

We put the power of storytelling into your team’s hands with techniques inspired by our best seller Personality Not Included and new principles on creating powerful stories used in our popular masters level course at Georgetown University.  |  LEARN MORE >

Digital Disruption

We take more than a decade of expertise in digital marketing and use it to build training and workshops that separate the hype from reality and take a practical business centered approach to how digital can really transform business.  |  LEARN MORE >