Brand Storytelling & Marketing

Never underestimate the power of storytelling.  We help transform marketing to be more influential.

In the crowded and noisy world of media, narratives and stories are the only way to influence, inspire and move others to action. We have over a decade of experience helping some of the largest brands in the world understand how to craft powerful stories to cut through the clutter, build trust, influence customers and their staffs and inspire belief which leads to action.

  • Storytelling and narrative training for brand developers, managers and leaders of all levels and types of organizations (Corporations, non-profits, governments)
  • Hands on story development and feedback for specific messaging and communications
  • Consulting and deep organizational skills and culture development around narratives, storytelling and influential marketing

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Highly Original

New insights and original learning methods you won’t see or hear anywhere else – based on over a decade of research, publications and courses.


Interactive approach that is customized to the skill levels of your team to insure the insights shared a realistic and actionable

Future Oriented

Continually adapted to incorporate the latest storytelling and social media tools without blindly following the hype


Relevant for all levels of an organization (even outside marketing) –from customer service representatives, to C-Suite executives managing shareholders and other stakeholders